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Philips HR7627 Technical Details

Dimensions and Weight
Width 244 Mm
Depth 244 Mm
Energy Management
Power 650 W
AC Input Voltage Input Voltage AC 220-240 V
Input Frequency AC 50/60 Hz
Other Characteristics
General Features Functions 15
Pan Capacity 2.1 L
Product Color Color of Product White
Button Function Yes
Variable Speed Yes
Speed Number 2
Type of Control Compressor Type Knob
Rotation Speed Turning Speed 1900 RPM
Cable Length 1 M
Cable Housing Yes
Easy To Clean Yes
Non-Slip Feet Yes
Chopper Container Capacity 2 L
Stainless Steel Blade Included Yes
Parts That Can Be Washed in The Dishwasher Yes
Dimensions of The Accessory For Shredding Dimensions of The Accessory For Shredding. Wide Mesh
Number of Discs Number of 3 Disc Disks
Mezzaluna in Stainless Steel Yes
Container Material Plastic Materials
Body Material Synthetic ABS Materials
Material Vase / S Lid Material and SAN Pulp Container
Knife Material Stainless Steel
Packaging Contents
Emulsifying Disk Yes
Tool For Kneading Yes
Blade For Slicing Thinly Yes
Mixing Tools Yes